Houses In Multiple Occupation

Definition of HMO's:

Houses in multiple occupation, otherwise known as HMO's, are defined in the Housing Act 2004 as houses that are occupied by three of more unrelated persons, who do not form a single household.

Requirements for HMO's:

The Housing Act 2004 provides the following requirements for a house to be an HMO:

Exemptions from HMO's:

Schedule 14 of the housing Act 2004 contains a list of buildings that are exempt from the definition of HMO. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

HMO Licensing:

Only certain HMO's require licensing. There are the following 2 categories of HMO licensing:

Licences can be obtained from the local council and normally last up to 5 years. The Housing Act requires that certain relevant persons are notified when making an application for an HMO licence. They include the following persons, where applicable:

HMO Licence Terms and Conditions:

There are the following conditions that the Licence Holder will be subject to:

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